The purest fruit cake 究極にピュアなフルーツケーキ

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The other day, I made this super pure fruit cake for our beautiful friend Anna’s birthday. We just wanted to create something very much like her…The purest cake for the purest girl❤️



So simple and divine! Full of REAL taste, freshness and super RAW. Purely for everyone to enjoy; Vegan, Nut Free, Paleo, Gluten and Dairy Free… pretty much covering all kinds of special dietary requirements (well, unless you have to avoid natural fruit sugar)Try this easy to make, clean cake. Awesome for camping or on the go as well as there is no power or any kitchen equipment needed other than a knife. So much fun to prepare and decorate! For the decoration we used organic berries, raspberries, apple and strawberries (Note: Strawberries are one of the highest sprayed fruit with over 40 different pesticides used in non organic farming. So, if you can’t find organic ones it’s better to use something else! Oh and by the way, so are Apples with more than 45 different pesticides used here, too – Go Organic!).





Let’s get your Ingredients together

1 whole Watermelon

A few Strawberries

A few slices of Apple & Beetroot

A handfull of Blueberries

1 tbsp each of Goji berries & Raspberries

Flowers, vines, leaves (we used the most divine Jasmine)


スイカ丸ごと1つ 大きさはご自由に!

ストロベリー 5個

リンゴ 1個

ブルーベリー 一握り

ラズベリー 大さじ1

ゴージーベリー 大さじ1

飾り付けのお花や、葉っぱなど (今回はジャスミンを使いました)


3littlespirals The-purest-fruit-cake_1

Let’s create

1. Peel and shape the watermelon

2. Slice apple and beetroot and make some shapes with a cookie cutter

3. Decorate the top and around the cake with all the berries, however you like!*

Important Tip!  Have a good man’s help who can cut the watermelon flat if you aren’t very good at doing that ?(I can’t even cut bread straight… and my partner is kind of a perfectionist, perfect job for him, so I asked him to do it!)

Don’t forget to decorate the cake with a lot of seasonal flowers and plants form the garden to add a little magical touch 😉
*Good to use a large flat plate to keep the space for decoration around the cake.


1 スイカの皮をむき、両面を平らにする。形はご自由に。

2 リンゴを約3mm程度にスライスし、クッキーの型抜きを使い形どる。

3 ケーキの周りやトップをフルーツで飾る。

パンすらまっすぐに切れない私は、旦那様にスイカの皮むきとカットをお願いしました? 男の人って本当にこういう事が上手、楽しんで真剣に切ってましたよ!

3littlespirals The-purest-fruit-cake_2
It’s a FANTASTIC cake for a kids party as well as fun to prepare with your kids! Cutting the fruit, picking some flowers and decorating there are a lot of jobs and little missions you can create for the kids to be fully involved in.

The happiest feedback about this cake at the birthday party I received was my kids standing in front of my cake amongst all other beautiful and yummy looking cakes saying “I want to have THIS CAKE!!!” It was just sweet to see the simplicity of the kids being so attracted to Watermelon!! ? How simple ?



3littlespirals The-purest-fruit-cake_4

Happy Birthday Anna!
Please share your own experiences and images. I am sure you have some great ideas or add-ons to this super pure fruit cake. Simply comment below or tag us on Facebook or Instagram!


Happy creating your own blissful pure cake?   Enjoy!

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