Easy & Healthy Crepes ⁂ Wrap 簡単もちもち クレープ ⁂ ラップ


Had a strong craving for very basic white crepes, as naughty as possible… BUT we don’t stock any white flour in our pantry. No butter or cow’s milk in the fridge… Lucky for me (and my family 😉

普通の小麦粉で作った、真っ白でモチモチのクレープが食べたい! どんなに健康的な食を心がけていたって、欲求というものはいつだって湧き出てくるもの。


So, I made up this easy, yummy & useful crepes recipe with a little imagination, lots of cravings and everything that was suitable which I could find in my pantry. It turned out magical as it can be used as a wrap and tacos for sweet or savoury dishes.




When you don’t feel like soaking or preparing anything and just want to have a break from raw food, this crepes are awesome 😉 Also fantastic for the kid’s lunch box menu, our kids loving it so much with avocados, cashew cream & greens.
It can be even healthier or fancier, so enjoy experimenting with all of your favourite ingredients.




Get your Ingredients (makes 8 large thin crepes)

✻ 2 cups of Spelt flour

✻ 1/4 cups of Arrow roots or Tapioca flour

✻ 2 cups nut, oat or rice milk or mix of all

✻ 2 eggs (medium size)

✻ Pinch of salt

✻ 3tbsp Chia seed

✻ 3 tsp Coconut oil for cooking in the pan

  • Add Cinnamon, Mesquite powder…etc for the sweet version
  • Add Cumin, Fennel powder…etc for the savoury version


材料集め (大きめクレープ8枚分)

✻ 2カップ スペルト麦粉

✻ 1/4 カップ アロールーツパウダーもしくはタピオカパウダー

✻ 2 カップ ナッツミルク / ライスミルク/ 豆乳

✻ 2個  卵ミディアムサイズ

✻ ひとつまみ 塩

✻大さじ3 チアシード

✻ 大さじ3  フライパンで焼く時に使用する為のココナッツオイル

  • スイーツバージョン ⋮ シナモンパウダー、メスキートパウダーなど
  • 甘くないバージョン ⋮ クミン、フェネルパウダーなど


Let’s cook

✻ Prepare the dough in a large bowl by mixing all ingredients together thoroughly.

✻ Simply warm up the pan with a teaspoon of coconut oil.

✻ Pour the dough in slowly to make thin crepes to wrap your favourite toppings in or a bit thicker smaller ones for tacos, however you like it!

✻ Sprinkle Chia seeds over soon as pour the dough into the pan.

✻ Flip over to cook other side quickly
If you got a bit of extra time, leave the dough for 1hr before start cooking to get better consistency.



✻ 全ての材料をボールに入れ混ぜ合わせる。

✻ フライパンを中火にかけ、温まったらココナッツオイルを小さじ山盛り1杯を入れてなじませる。

✻ 混ぜ合わせた材料をレードルでフライパンに流し、薄くのばす。

✻ 流し込んで直ぐにチアシードをパラパラと振りかける。

✻ 反対側を手早く焼き上げる



Sweet version of crepes

Nut butter, cinnamon, cacao nibs & maple syrup( date syrup) with coconut yoghurt on the side…Yum!


Savoury vision of crepes

Olive paste, salad, roasted cauliflower & mushrooms with cashew cheese….aaah!


Fish tacos

Cooked fish in spicy tomatoe & capsicum source with guacamole…Delish!





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